Our Story

My name is Scott and I've been searching for a better cell phone holder to use while driving. In the past I would jump in my truck and toss my cell phone in the cup holder, which I'm learning many people do as well. Once in there, it would flop around as I drove making it difficult to use for directions or to change music, and it prevented me from using the cup holder for my coffee or water. Sometimes I would have liquid in the cup holder from a past drink, and my phone would get wet.

Then I had an idea. I remember it hit me like a lightning bolt as I was driving. I had been trying to adjust my cell phone in the cup holder so I could see the map to where I was going when the idea for a better cell phone holder just popped in my head. 

What I


A cell phone holder that...
1. Fit any car
2. Fit any phone
3. Allowed the phone to be easily placed in and removed from the holder
4. Fit in the cup holder but still allowed me to use the cup holder


So I decided to make my own. After creating some simple designs (using PAINT) and searching UpWork for an expert who could turn my designs into a printable 3D file, I found an AWESOME and TALENTED individual named Justin. Here are the original drawings I sent to Justin to explain the concept.