The Idea

Cell Phone Seat was invented to be the easiest cell phone holder for your car, ever. It's a single device that holds any cell phone and fits in any cup holder. 

How's It Made

Cell Phone Seat is created using a strong but flexible ABS plastic (think legos), giving it the flexibility to compress to any cup holder yet strength to hold any size phone!


To install Cell Phone Seat in your car, simply compress the base with your hand to fit the width of your cup holder and place into your cup holder. Then easily take your phone in and out as needed. 

A cell phone holder
A simple place to put your phone while driving.

Cell Phone Seat fits snugly in virtually any vehicle's cup holder, allowing you to drive hands-free while still using your cup holder. It's an amazingly simple cell phone holder for your car or truck that you'll want to use during every drive!

✓ Fits Any Cell Phone (even with cases)
✓ Fits Virtually Any Cup Holder
✓ Plus - You Can Still Use Your Cup Holder!
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